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Cobra Cult - Second Gear
Cobra Cult

"Straightforward and soaked in contagious energy: “Second Gear” is this and much more”. ...heavy riffs, catchy harmonies and fun: Misfits, Danzig and even Motörhead come to mind and, yet, the band is able to keep its identity, not easy at all these days".  (


"With Second Gear, Cobra Cult have created a compact and high-quality album. The mix of rock ‘n’ roll, hard rock and metal echoes makes it varied and appeals to a wide audience. Hopefully Cobra Cult will soon be able to return to the stage to recharge our lives with their exuberant energy. Until then, I'll hit the repeat button... (


Janina Jade

Janina Jade's music and lyrics are just as unique as her voice and guitar playing.

Heart Of Rock N' Roll is an honest, real & raw album, full of unfiltered emotions and attitude, with a sense of danger and darkness from a hard life lived on the edge.




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