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About Us

 The Label  -  We have during the years released albums and worked with/are working with bands such as Candlemass, Backyard Babies, Talisman, Crucified Barbara, Krux, Kamchatka, Kari Rueslåtten, Velvet Viper, Frantic Amber, Mefisto, Zan Clan, Tyranex, MMI, Ice Age, Backdraft, Stagman, Grand Design, Demon, Anekdoten, Tad Morose, Destiny, Riot Grrrl Sessions and many more.  We have always strived to find  exciting music to release and wrapped it up in nice packaging.

We are happy to listen to your music so feel free to send us your material. However, do NOT attach MP3 or WAV files directly in the e-mail, please send us a link. A SHORT bio is appreciated. E-mail to info (a)

  Digital Distribution & Promotion  -  If you are just looking for Distribution & PR, thats fine. Get in in touch and we'll work something out!

info (a)

 Vinyl & CD Manufacturing 

 Looking for 

CD/VINYL/CASSETTE Manufacturing?

Through our partner VDC Group we can offer nice packages from 250 12" or 7"  Vinyl and 100 CD/Cassettes.

contact: vdcgroupsweden(a)

Artist /Business Management

Do you or your artist need assistance in the music jungle? We have 40 years experience in anything from touring, handling your financial issues to sealing the deal, and everything inbetween.  


Theres More!



Join or mediapool! - If you work in the media business, feel free to join our mediapool where you can stream or download good music for free!

Artists/Record labels - Need promotion?

We have our own Mediapool - which is a cost effective way to promote your album. Your release will reach 1000+ contacts in the music business. Important magazines, both online and print, radio stations - as well as booking agents, DJ's, managements and record labels. They will get access to your music, album cover, bio and press photos for a possible review/feature/notice etc. If you want to include your band in the mediapool or want to know more - simply get in touch by dropping us a mail and we'll tell you all about it.


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