are here with a brand new album called ”DOOMSDAY CLOCK” and here is the first video from the album.

The video is titled ”Prince Of Lies” and is one of five songs from the album that is co-written with songwriter Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T).

The v...

On feb 28th we are proud to let lose the new album with Stagman, "Zinny Zan" (formerly frontman in Shotgun messiah, Zan Clan).
When other artists chase chart breakers and make themselves adaptable to the media, Stagman chooses the uncomfortable way to portray the reali...

February 3, 2020

MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY –“DOOMSDAY CLOCK” Before every album a band states “ This is unlike anything we’ve ever done before ” or “ This is our best album ”. Producer, front man and main songwriter, J. Bergman, says exactly this… but with a twist.

January 7, 2020

GRAND DESIGN, the Swedish 80s rock sensation, is back with the follow-up album to "Viva La Paradise". The brand new album ”V”will hit the streets friday March 6, 2020.

The album ”V” is again produced by Pelle Saether and recorded at Studio Underground Sweden during sept...

Ok guys - so we have some more cool stuff coming... On friday the 13th of September Mefisto unleashes their first single "Armageddon" from their upcoming album "Octagram". They tell us that they will bring back the sound of true Swedish Death Metal.  The first single f...

The 1980’s was a golden age for thrash and speed metal.

In Sweden the underground scene was a hotbed of great bands, only surpassed by the US ‘Bay Area’ movement.

One of the freshest and most original Swedish bands was Kazjurol. Originally formed in 1984, they only relea...

April 25, 2019

One thing we have always taken pride in is releasing albums with newcomers and bands without history, as long as we like them. Whilst most labels these days are looking at already established bands that "somebody else" have taken the first step for. This band, Stockhol...

April 24, 2019

Frantic Ambers coming album 2019 is called “Bellatrix” and the first single released April 24 is called "Scorched Earth". 

"Bellatrix" translates to "female warrior" in latin, and its a concept album about warrior women that have lived and fought throughout history. It...

On December 7 we can enjoy a new version of this great album. Its been re-mixed, remastered and comes with new artwork in a nice digipack, plus it includes 4 extra tracks.

Guitarist Janne Stark on  the new version:

"I must say I'm really happy with Pelle's new re-mix. No...

With members from bands such as Wolf, GrandExit, Monaco Blues Band and Uncle Doghouse this four piece rock band from Västerås, Sweden

came together to make music that they all love. Genuine rock music with loads of groovy riffs.

Influenced by the early 70's rock and...

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