Man Machine Industry

MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY are here with a brand new album called ”DOOMSDAY CLOCK” and here is the first video from the album. The video is titled ”Prince Of Lies” and is one of five songs from the album that is co-written with songwriter Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T). The video is produced by front man and main songwriter J. Bergman who says that "there are already two more videos in the making for a later release" On march 2nd and 3rd MMI will do two shows together with thrashers NERVOSA from Braz il in Sthlm and Gothenburg, Sweden

Kejsarens Nya Kläder

On feb 28th we are proud to let lose the new album with Stagman, "Zinny Zan" (formerly frontman in Shotgun messiah, Zan Clan). When other artists chase chart breakers and make themselves adaptable to the media, Stagman chooses the uncomfortable way to portray the reality he sees and that without folding an inch. On "Kejsarens Nya Kläder" he criticizes governments and describes the betrayal he sees and feels! Stagman continues on his own path to be a fearless musician who always tells the naked truth about his feelings, experiences, thoughts and escapades throughout life! När andra artister jagar listettor och gör sig formbara för media så väljer Stagman den obekväma vägen att skildra de

Man Machine Industry

MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY –“DOOMSDAY CLOCK” Before every album a band states “ This is unlike anything we’ve ever done before ” or “ This is our best album ”. Producer, front man and main songwriter, J. Bergman, says exactly this… but with a twist. A FEW WORDS FROM J. BERGMAN ABOUT “DOOMSDAY CLOCK” “I wrote the music for the whole album in seven days. The basic foundations for it then I tracked the drums for the ten tracks in about twelve hours and I did it at the same forty-eight-hour session that I tracked the drums for the “REBORN”-album released 2018. The thing with this album is that I wrote the music for ME! I dropped every thought of having a “hit-song” or “this song is too long” or “will

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