Anchorite - Further From Eternity

We have some really HEAVY DOOMY news for you this Monday afternoon! There is no better way to start the week then announcing that we have a really heavy release coming up soon - on November 20 to be exact. We are really excited to be working with the Doom metal band Anchorite! They were formed in 2018 at the Malta Doom Metal Festival, when vocalist Leo Stivala (Forsaken, ex-Reflection) and Swedish bassist/song-writer Peter Svensson (Void Moon, Assassin’s Blade, ex-Goatess) decided to form a band together. Their main inspirational sources are bands such as Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass and Manilla Road. The album even contains a heartfelt tribute to the late frontman of Manilla Road, Mark “T

Multi-instrumentalist Jayce Landberg teams up with GMR Music and releases new album.

"The Forbidden world" - released worldwide on November 13 With strong vocals delivered by ex-Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Göran Edman and almost all instruments handled by multi-instrumentalist Jayce Landberg himself, ”The Forbidden World” constitutes a pure, energetic, heavy and delicate album. With Landberg refusing to use any plug-ins or any other trick of technology, ’The Forbidden World’ is a modern sounding album, yet recorded in an analog way, thus maintaining the integrity of the classic days of rock. It was recorded in Switzerland and California, mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, and it combines a variety of styles. The album is likely to appeal to fans of Queen, Scorpions, Pi

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