Hollingshead - Stay Dead - Out on Dec 4

...And it's Monday again! Today we are so happy to present that we will be working with some of the finest musicians in Sweden! Pure Magic and musical witchcraft, Hollingshead unlocks the door with the key of imagination. The door to another dimension; a dimension of melodious and mind bending music combined by darkness, light and old mysticism. This is a project from the highly talented organist and pianist Carl Westholm (Avatarium, Candlemass, Carptree, Krux, Dec Burke, Jupiter Society, Leif Edling, The Doomsday Kingdom). He is joined by one of the most accomplished bass players ever created on Swedish ground, Johan Niemann (Evergrey, Therion, Mind’s Eye, Xorigin, Moonstone Project, Tears

Merryweather Stark - Rock Solid - New album out on Nov 27!

We just love mondays, because lately we always seem to have some good news to announce on this first day of the week! We are delighted to have the pleasure to continue to work with the greatest of people: Janne Stark and Neil Merryweather aka Merryweather Stark: "We are proud and happy to announce that Merryweather Stark have today signed a deal with GMR Music for the release of our second album entitled "Rock Solid"! The album will be released on CD and a limited edition vinyl!" November 27th rockers!

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