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Dödförklarad - second single from the album "Våld" by Zombiekrig.

"It's a song about how an old friendship slowly dies. When one party only gives while the other only takes. We all have people close to us that we define as close friends. But when you realize that you may not be a friend as you yourself define it, but more of a resource for someone else's self-realization, you are gripped by a split frustration. Sadness and hatred mixed with nostalgic love. Ending that type of toxic friendship can be extremely difficult. But eventually you get to a point where you are forced. Friendship is simply declared dead." (Zombiekrig)

Axel Widén - Vocals

Martin Petersson - Bass

Manne Flood - Drums

Martin Meyerman - Guitar

Anders Gustafsson - Guitar

Produced by Svein Jensen and Zombiekrig

Zombiekrig's ground-breaking use of Swedish lyrics in combination with their thrash metal, death metal and punk rock, gave them well-deserved recognition in Sweden after their first two album releases "Undantagsstånd (2010, GMR Music) and "Den Vänstra Stigens Ljus" (2012, GMR Music ).

After a five-year hiatus, the band returned in 2018 with the live album "Levande efter döden" (GMR Music) and after an involuntary second hiatus (aka Pandemin), Zombie War officially returned in 2021 with the EP "Death Sign" (GMR Music).

Now, in 2023 they comeback with the full-length "Våld" - an explosion of Thrash Metal, fueled by living in times of war, escalating polarization and a global pandemic. Dödförklarad is the second single from the album. Zombiekrig have a steady following fans.

Stream the single: Buy the album here


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