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Hangar Nord - Hangar Nord

Hangar Nord - Hangar Nord


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Hangar Nord is the trio of Mikael Nord Andersson, Hans Gardemar and Martin Hansen. The band started out as a musical project wanting to uncover sonic landscapes that would lead them beyond their regular work as producers, songwriters and musicians. A desire that developed into their own unique hybrid of genres, ranging from progressive and psychedelic rock to a lyrical driven singer-songwriter folk tradition.

Through their respective careers they’ve had the privilege to collaborate with a multitude of renowned international acts such as Scorpions, The Rasmus, Roxette and Apocalyptica to name a few.

Their track record as musicians and MD:s includes prestigious projects like The Polar Music Prize, Swedish Music Hall Of Fame, The Prom in London and numerous television and radio shows.

Furthermore theyve composed and produced various film and TV-scores which contributes considerably to their cinematic and sometimes dreamlike soundscape.


01. Parachutes

02. A Thousand Years From Now

03. Heavy Weather          

04. A Lie Is A Lie Is A Lie

05. Dancing On The Verge Of The Abyss

06. Safe & Sound

07. One Wing

08. Andromeda

09. Do You Remember

10. Domino 

11. Over You

12. The Woods

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