Magic and musical witchcraft, Hollingshead unlocks the door with the key of imagination. The door to another dimension; a dimension of melodious and mind bending music combined by darkness, light and old mysticism.

This is a project from the highly talented organist and pianist Carl Westholm (Avatarium, Candlemass, Carptree, Krux, Dec Burke, Jupiter Society, Leif Edling, The Doomsday Kingdom). He is joined by one of the most accomplished bass players ever created on Swedish ground, Johan Niemann (Evergrey, Therion, Mind’s Eye, Xorigin, Moonstone Project, Tears of Anger), the skilled heavy-hitting drummer Fredrik Haake (Badge, Meldrum, The Vanity Set, God is my co-pilot, MOA, Roger Manning, Andy Summers, Sideburn) and vocalist ,Gidon Tannenbaum (Mother Kasabian, Obrero, Space Elevators, Black Wizard’s, Wreckless Machine) from the Swedish Doom/Metal underground scene.

The mountain of sound was complete




01 – And while waiting for the sky to open

02 – Lights

03 – Through the doors of time (Dreams of the Indie Khaleef)

04 – Stay Dead

05 – Wish I was a criminal

06 – The Valley

Hollingshead - Stay Dead BLACK VINYL


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