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Ice Age - Breaking The Ice  CD

Ice Age - Breaking The Ice CD



The debut album from one of the most remarkable, previously unsigned thrash bands from the 1980s.

Legendary both in their home country Sweden and in the entire metal industry worldwide.

The Gothenburg band Ice Age was one of the first thrash bands and they produced some of the most classic demos, as they sold thousands and thousands again.


They played at both festivals and famous clubs like Marquee, and were caught  by Hollywood producer Kim Fowley who said "They are the next big thing"

Unfortunately, the band went separate ways before the breakthrough.

Now they are back with a reinforced line-up, still with original members Sabrina Kihlstrand and Vicki Larsson together with newbies Linnea Landstedt and André Holmqvist.


An albums that many thought they would never hear have arrived after 30 years! 5 classic newly re-recorded songs from the 80’s demos and 5 brand new songs.

Featuring  10 songs of good ol 'thrash / heavy metal.


Check their video "Breaking The Ice" Here




  • Fleet Street
  • Hell or Nothing
  • Clever
  • General Alert
  • Instant Justice
  • Breaking The Ice
  • Total Collapse
  • Mental Disorder
  • No Need To Bleed
  • A Case Of Cerebral Death



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