• Terror Grrrls                       9. I was the only hell my mother raised
  • What I want                       10. I’m bored
  • Goodbye                             11. Fuck you
  • Unicorn                               12. I eat boys like you for breakfast
  • Sad and weak                    13. Grab ‘em by the pussy
  • My Grrrls
  • Death
  • I Love to love myself


 Riot Grrrl Sessions is the result of what twelve of Sweden's sharpest rock musicians made when they gathered for one weekend to create.

 Amongst the members of this project we find Twin Pigs guitarist Canan Rosén, Kajsa Grytt, ex- Crucified Barbara guitarist and drummer Klara Force and Nicki wicked, Frida from Baboon Show, Maja from Heavy Tiger and many more.

It's furious, sweaty and in your face. Riot Grrrl is back!

Riot Grrrl Sessions - The 1st Sessions Black Vinyl


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