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Roof Down - Devil's Machine CD

Roof Down - Devil's Machine CD

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It's time! 90's rock is back for good and its legacy lives on through the Swedish alternative rock band ROOF DOWN from Stockholm! "Seattle rock inspired post grunge with a modern touch" is one way to describe their music. Clear parallels spiced up with the unique "RD-touch" and are often compared with bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains.

 The songs are based on groovy well thought through riffs with a clever mix of energy and melancholy. No unnecessary debauchery needed. This is once again Roof Down at their best!

 Legendary mastering engineer Dave Cooley (Stone Temple Pilots, Jimmy Eats World) from Elysian Masters in LA have left his mark on this fourth full length-album.





  • Insane
  • Afraid
  • My pieces on the ground
  • Hopeful wings
  • Devil’s Machine
  • Slipped on a stone
  • The fire
  • Never
  • In a dream
  • Something’s wrong
  • Save me and you
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