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Stagman - Kejsarens Nya Kläder  VINYL

Stagman - Kejsarens Nya Kläder VINYL

Limited Edition VINYL


The former Easy Action, Zan Clan and Shotgun Messiah frontman Zinny Zan, aka Stagman, continues his grown-up musical journey as a splendid and seasoned Swedish singer-songwriter…“Kejsarens nya kläder” is radio rock of the best kind.


When other artists chase chart breakers and make themselves adaptable to the media, Ex-Shotgun Messiah singer Zinny Zan, now Stagman, chooses the uncomfortable way to portray the reality he sees and that without folding an inch.

On “Kejsarens Nya Kläder” he criticizes governments and describes the betrayal he sees and feels!

Stagman continues on his own path to be a fearless musician who always tells the naked truth about his feelings, experiences, thoughts and escapades throughout life!

His music extends from Rock with heavy guitars through Pop songs with catchy choruses to violins and Ukulele on calmer, finely tuned songs.

Stagman is a modern protest singer… A voice that is needed in today's otherwise perhaps sometime too happy and unexiting music industry.




  1. En mil i mina skor
  2. Ser ni eldarna
  3. Inga sånger kvar i mitt jukeboxhjärta
  4. Tar vad vi kan få
  5. Kejsarens nya kläder
  6. Ingen annan vet
  7. Sida vid sida
  8. Hey la vida loca
  9. Redo och klar
  10. Resan som vi gjort
  11. Här kommer tystnaden



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