The Liberators - Waitin' DIGIPACK CD

The Liberators - Waitin' DIGIPACK CD

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The Liberators - One of the longest existing rock bands in the Netherlands with an impressive track record.

Playing since 1979 and still alive and kicking. The many European tours brought the band from Spain to Norway, sometimes invited by world stars to join their tour like Robert Plant , Gary Moore and others. The music of The Liberators can best be described as solid blues rock music based on the roots of our contemporary popular music. Several songs on the new album refer to these originals, such as Waitin' with a link to the heavy electric blues, Can't Wait Another Day and Look for More with slightly symphonic rock influences and a slight penchant for Jazz and Fusion, Clash as a tribute to punk, Money Talks with a Motown intro, Fooling Around with Reggae influences and Wrong Distraction as a more traditional finger picking blues song.





2.Lonely Nights                                                            

3.Can’t Wait Another Day                      

4.Cry Like a Wolf                                                         

5.Fooling Around                                                         

6.Money Talks                                                              


8.Look For More                                                           

9.Wrong Distraction

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