We are proud to join forces with Canan Rosén and Riot Grrrl Sessions


Riot Grrrl Sessions is a music project in Stockholm, Sweden where a dozen of punk and rock artists join forces in a studio for one weekend to write, rehearse and record the world's first Riot Grrrl Sessions which will be released upon the world early next year. Everyone involved in this project are women or transgender people.


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Why Riot Grrrl Sessions?


"There are so many talented riot grrrls out there and everyone are busy with their current bands, which is awesome. But what if I was able to take only a minimum of their time to start something new? Because the world needs more great music. More Riot Grrrl music."

That’s how the whole idea of Riot Grrrl Sessions came alive. Canan Rosén, a punk rock musician from Stockholm, Sweden, felt lucky when she came up with the idea: One weekend in a studio, a dozen riot grrrls, writing, rehearsing and recording an album.

In the spirit of DIT- doing it together, the project will come alive.


As for now these following riot grrrls are confirmed for the project:

Nicki of Crucified Barbara & The Heard Frida of The Baboon Show Canan of Twin Pigs & Tiger Bell Agnes of Call Cat Kajsa Grytt solo artist & Tant Strul Tess of Memoria & Snake Manuela of Pascal Klara of Crucified Barbara & The Heard Hanna of Satirnine Madde of Snake Maja of Heavy Tiger Katja of Drömfakulteten


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