Merryweather Stark - Carved in Rock

Neil Merryweather has a long career as a singer, bass player, composer and producer including playing and recording with Mama Lion, Heavy Cruiser, Eyes, Lita Ford, Steve Miller, Randy California, Hundred Watt Head and of course under his own name, such as the classic “Kryptonite” and “Space Rangers” albums. Janne Stark has released numerous albums with bands like Overdrive, Grand Design, Constancia, Locomotive Breath, BALLS and Mountain of Power. The two of them have now formed a new heavy rock union called Merryweather Stark.

The album entitled 'Carved In Rock' will be released on January 26 both on CD & Vinyl.

You can get a taste from the album already on November 24, as the single "Freedom to love" will be released on most digital platforms on this day. The Merryweather Stark album features a mix of crunchy riff rock, funky rhythms, seventies hard rock, high speed riffs, mid pace classic rock and a touch of bluesy licks all topped topped with Neil’s powerful and melodic vocals. The lyrics ranges from tongue-in-cheek stuff such as “Rockers Lament” to things that reflect whats happening in the world today, like “What’s It Gonne Be” and “Give ‘Em Hell, Boy”. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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