First Tune from THE HEARD on December 13

Ida, Klara and Nicki formed The Heard after the break up of their former band Crucified Barbara. The void left a hunger to create new music and when Klara met long time friend Skinny (Deathstars) at a record fair it was obvious he had the same urge. Another friend, burlesque queen Pepper, proved to have a voice to match her vibrant persona so when Ida bumped into Pepper in the subway she asked her to join the cult. So she did and The Heard was a fact.

" We invite you to a creepy island where the characters we sing about lives, in a world where mystique, fantasy and reality meet. The Heard is all about the joy of playing music but the sound is distorted , doomy and dark. See you on the other side!" /The Heard

2017 Copyright GMR Music Group

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