- The German band that carries the great stories and old myths into our present day is back. And this with a new Dramatic Metal CD called "Respice Finem", which will be released on March 16. GMR Music is very happy to get the chance to work with this great band.

Jutta and her new guitarist Holger Marx wrote 11 songs which were produced by Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, Helloween), a true master of metal. The band again celebrates classic heavy metal with unconventional additions and hard-and-slow grooves as well as rousing up-tempo parts which pay tribute to the NWOBHM.

Back in 1985, Jutta Weinhold founded Zed Yago, a band whose music and concept were intended to break away from run-of-the-mill rock and metal. This was the creation of “dramatic metal“ with lyrics based on literature, poetry, mythology and fantasy, because without those the soul withers and life ends. Zed Yago recorded two widely-acclaimed albums, “From over Yonder” and “Pilgrimage”, before the band split. After the end of Zed Yago, Jutta founded VELVET VIPER.

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