GMR Music gives away 1000 copies of Man. Machine. Industry's new album = True

A FEW WORDS FROM J. BERGMAN - the Master mind behind Man.Machine.Industry ON “REBORN” and signing to GMR Music.

“Time moves forward and so does the recording tech and your skills as a musician and a producer.

That’s one of the reasons to why I wanted to re-record our best songs from our back-catalogue.

The other, and perhaps most important, is that our fans deserve to have their favorite songs

in a really heavy, tight and fresh package!

Those are the main reasons I decided to re-record a selected number of tracks from the previous

four albums and give them the production they deserve.

Some of the songs we have played live since 2010 and our fans just wont let go of their faves and

I get why, cause they’re really great songs.

The new album “REBORN” has the VERY BEST songs from the MMI catalogue.

Tracks such as the PS3/X-Box 360 song “The Hunt” (appeared for the first time in the game The Darkness back in 2007) to the live favorite “Too a Blood Red Sky” where we invited fans to scream back-up on the recording is there.

Also the tracks “Almost Gone” feat. Patrik Wirén of Misery Loves Co and “Eighties” feat. Jens Westin of Corroded

are on the album. Video tracks such as “Aim Hold Fire”, “The Cross”, “Knuckle Duster” are of cause in the mix.

A total of fourteen songs have been re-recorded from scratch with a super heavy and tight production.

We have given all songs the energy boost they, and you, the fans, deserve.

And I am SO glad to be back at record label GMR Music for the release of “Reborn”.

We have worked together before and it has always been a thrill.

It’s rare to find a record label that are willing to invest so much in a band today.

Just that GMR will GIVE AWAY five hundred free copies to our fans is amazing.

Only to promote the band-name and give our fans what they deserve… the very BEST of


2017 Copyright GMR Music Group

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