GMR Music Introduces MoLD

One thing we have always taken pride in is releasing albums with newcomers and bands without history, as long as we like them. Whilst most labels these days are looking at already established bands that "somebody else" have taken the first step for. This band, Stockholm based MoLD, is one of these bands we are very happy

to just have worked out a deal with and that came out of nowhere! The first single "Breaking Bones" will be out on May 10 and the full album entitled "Horrors" on both CD & VINYL on May 31.

With influences from the great northern winters - and the blues that can only come from what cold and darkness does to a humans psyche. The band creates music that sounds like a mix of David Lynch movies combined with Lux Interiors intergalactic stage moves (God bless his Rock’N’Roll soul) and the thunder from an early version of Black Sabbath. Check them out!

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