Kazjurol - Multi Dead World

The 1980’s was a golden age for thrash and speed metal.

In Sweden the underground scene was a hotbed of great bands, only surpassed by the US ‘Bay Area’ movement.

One of the freshest and most original Swedish bands was Kazjurol. Originally formed in 1984, they only released one album, ‘Dance Tarantella’ on the UK based Active label. The band mixed conventional thrash metal with a crossover hardcore tinge and built up a strong following in their home market.

The band eventually split up in 1994 but original members ’Bäs’ and ’Bodde’ have finally decided to reunite and write and record new material.

Now even more brutal, the band will surprise and thrill in equal measure The new album, ’Multi Dead World’ will be released on a Limited Vinyl and CD.

Full Tracklisting:

  1. A system monolithic

  2. Altered State (of mind)

  3. Bloodstorm

  4. Suicide Solution

  5. Burn Beyond

  6. Multi Dead World

  7. Merciless Insanity

  8. Human Force

  9. Who Needs you

  10. Stagedive to hell

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