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MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY –“DOOMSDAY CLOCK” Before every album a band states “ This is unlike anything we’ve ever done before ” or “ This is our best album ”. Producer, front man and main songwriter, J. Bergman, says exactly this… but with a twist. A FEW WORDS FROM J. BERGMAN ABOUT “DOOMSDAY CLOCK” “I wrote the music for the whole album in seven days. The basic foundations for it then I tracked the drums for the ten tracks in about twelve hours and I did it at the same forty-eight-hour session that I tracked the drums for the “REBORN”-album released 2018. The thing with this album is that I wrote the music for ME! I dropped every thought of having a “hit-song” or “this song is too long” or “will people really like this?”. I just wrote music straight from my heart 100% and this is what came out. When I was finished with the guitars, drums and bass I was to start writing vocal melodies and… I got stuck. Hard! Every vocal idea sounded lame, boring and uninspiring. I was devastated. Here I had written my best work so far, straight from my heart, and I could NOT get a single good vocal melody to complete the songs, giving them the melodies and attitude they deserved. After a couple of weeks I gave up. I picked up the phone and called my friend Erik Mårtensson(Eclipse, W.E.T). I said; Hey man, I suck… please help me . (laughter). Erik wrote the vocal melodies for the first single “At The Sound Of Violence”, I did my twist on it and it turned out awesome, Just killer! I packed my shit and went to his studio for a weekend and together we wrote melodies on five more songs. This session totally crushed my writers block and gave me a whole new perspective on how to write vocal melodies. The rest of the songs I wrote in just a few days, lyrics and all, and Erik ended up singing the chorus line for the title track on the album. This album is by far the most energetic album I’ve written for MMI. Another step away from the industrial sound that started it all but at the same time it brings the listener closer to my love for melodic thrash metal at no cost of the heaviness that is essential in the MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY sound. Melodic, aggressive, energetic, thrashy heavy metal! That’s what you get on this one. Take it or leave it.” // J. Bergman

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