Trotoar - No Salvation

Trotoar is a project by Linnea Landstedt and Pontus Pettersson-Gull, members of Thrash/speed metal band Tyranex. Linnéa is also the sologuitarist in Ice-Age.

The first songs for Trotoar were written already in 2013 by Linnea before she met Pontus. She has always had a fondness for traditional heavy metal with twin guitar melodies and she wanted to create something that sounded like if it was from the early heavy metal era.

The intention was to release a demo that would trick people to believe that they were listening to a forgotten single from 81 but the idea was soon rejected since they thought their secret wouldn’t last too long, unfolded by internet.

The duo works great together and inspires each other to creativity. Soon they had written the foundation of the debut album with songs they believed would turn out great if they put some effort on arrangements and details. Pontus with his experiences of more extreme metal had to slow down his drumming and Linnea’s hardest struggle was to find her clean voice. They found a method of how to best develop their sound and musical skills by recording every song several times and take time to reflect and analyse their work.

When they were satisfied with ten songs they booked a studio for a recording session of the drums. The guitars, bass and vocals are recorded by themselves in their rehearsal room. Mixed and mastered by Obey Mastering. The debut album “No Salvation” will be released Digitally May 8 and Physically on May 29. The first single "Hungerof the wolf" is out on April 24.

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