ICE AGE and MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY join forces in a new song called "COVID-19 (Fight, Endure, Sur

Front man and main songwriter/producer J. Bergman of MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY spent three weeks in lock-down due to mild symptoms that reminded of the C-19 virus and was ordered by doctors to stay indoors. And what does a musician do during quarantine you think? Well, J.B started working on a new song inspired by what is happening everywhere in the world today. The song is called "Covid-19 (Fight, Endure, Survive)" paying homage to countries and people around the world fighting this terrible virus. J.B also invited his friend Sabrina Khilstrand of thrash-metal pioneers ICE AGE to join in singing on the song and from there on the performance of the song became a duet. J.B about the song and the situation "The lyrics and the song speak for itself. What I want to say in the matter is there, plain and simple. You´ll get it when you hear and read it. In these times every band, record label, promotor, hell... EVERYONE in the music business are suffering economically. So please, support your favorite bands, big or small and share their music and buy their merchandise online because they cannot tour and bring their business to your hometown right now And please, please, help each other out the best way you can and - stay safe".

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