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Having a rough week? Tuff it out with Grand Design

It's a rarity that a band has longevity, but GRAND DESIGN always hit home, with multiple albums being crowned Album Of The Year. Well look no further than 2023, with the release of a new video/single, Tuff It Out and a new album, Rawk to follow. Many will identify with Tuff It Out lyrics, especially during these uncertain times. Musically the song is genius with crunching chords, powerful vocals, and a full arena vibe. Vocalist Pelle Saether about the first single from the upcoming album: "Tuff It Out has a bombastic rhythm that will blow your mind! The lyrics is all about workin' for the weekend"

Watch the video here:

and stream the song on your preferred platform here:

Pre-Order the CD/Vinyl:


Pelle Saether: Lead/backing vocals

Dennis Vestman: Rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Dan Svanbom: Solo/rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Stefan Westerlund: Bass guitar

Joakim Jonsson: Drums


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