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New Lyric video with Steel Rhino

"Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" - Taken from the album In Rhino We Trust Released on October 21,2023. This is Michaels personal favourite song of the album. "Its about people that are playing double, that are pretending that they are so nice but on their inside they are boiling with wrath and anger. And its just a matter of time until the beast will get out. Almost like split personality and in a second their evil self stands there instead of the other person. I think a lot of people can feel that sometimes you feel a hate or an anger for someone or something and sometimes you want to let the beast out of you but its better to try and tame the beast instead of letting it out."

Mikael Rosengren - Drums

Herbie Langhans - Vocals

Filip Vilhelmsson - Guitars

Music & Lyrics by: Mikael Rosengren

Produced by:Mikael Rosengren

Mixed & Mastered by: Jacob Hansen

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