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***New release by Swedish Hard Rock/Blues band Black Ink River***

The EP "The Journey" releases today, together with the brand new video "Swallowed By The Night".

Availabe on VINYL and on all Digital platforms.

Singer Daniel Wahlström on the videotrack:

" This song is about that the apocalypse is here, and it's here soon!"

The sound and the song writing has evolved a bit with some heavier parts on this release

but you still hear their typical sound as well. Bluesy and heavy hard rock with a bunch of

attitude and beautiful harmonies.

The Journey will be released on the 28th of june on GMR Music Group on vinyl and on all digital


Track list "The Journey"

1. Swallowed By The Night

2. The Journey

3. The Passenger

4. Lucifers Friend

5. Around The Sun


Anders Modd - Bass

Bosse Karlsson - Guitar

Roger Johannessen - Drums

Daniel Wahlström - Vocals

Recorded at Solna Sound Productions

Produced By - Black Ink River

Check the video to "Swallowed By The Night" here:

On All Streaming platforms:


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