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Stockholm-based rock band SKoR deliver the new single and the amazing video "Carousel"

***SKoR - Carousel - Second single from the upcoming album!***

Vocalist Emil Gammeltoft on the new single:

"An uplifting song about "life's carousel" and the fact that we should all take care of each other. The song is a mish-mash of styles, just what to expect from SKoR, with a catchy chorus." The video was recorded at the Stockholm Zoo, Skansen and is directed by Michael Lekrans. Hope you enjoy the song and especially the video"

SKoR is a hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. The second album was called Rubus Tellus and was released in the autumn of 2018. That album got great critical acclaim and put the band on radio in both US and different countries in Europe. The new album will be called "Mess You Up" and continues on from the last album with great choruses and a mix of styles in the hard rock vein. "Gimme High" was the first single from the upcoming album.

SKoR are:

Emil Gammeltoft - Lead vocals

Pasi Oksa - Lead guitar

Ken Sundberg - Guitar

Rickard Jernberg - Bass

Mats Mally Hoxell - Drums

Produced by: Mats Mally Hoxell

Listen/stream Carousel here:

Check the video to Carousel here:


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