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Tyranex finally releases their long awaited fourth album "Reasons for the Slaughter"!

Tyranex finally releases their long awaited fourth album "Reasons for the Slaughter", which is an intense thrash and speed metal attack, just as it should be. The release date is September 22, 2023.

Vocalist and guitarist Linnea Landstedt says: "This is our most elaborate and complex album yet. We wrote most of the songs in 2022 and refined them in the autumn to be the best we've done so far. The album is in the same spirit as the previous ones, wild and aggressive thrash metal, but this time with better production and songwriting. Our thrash metal was meant to be evil and it still is!"

The album contains nine fierce and furious tracks and is released on vinyl, CD (and of course cassette for the die-hard fans).

“Rise From The Dead” is the fierce and furious debut single from the upcoming album.

Linnéa Landstedt on the track:

“Rise from the Dead” is a typical representation of Tyranex that connects to all the previous albums. Balancing on the borderline of speed metal, we sing about an evil bastard who makes the dead rise from their graves to attack the mortals. Can you ever get enough zombie songs? We think every badass album needs at least one!”

"Reasons For The Slaughter" – Tracklist

1. Overture

2. Where Light Ceases to Exist

3. Rise from the Dead 4. Full Circle

5. Megalomania

6. Reasons for the Slaughter

7. Pyromaniac

8. Do or Die

9. Wipe Out

The first single ”Rise From the Dead” availabe now on all streaming platforms:

Pre-save ”Reasons For The Slaugter” here:

Pre-Order your Physical copy (Bundle/Vinyl/CD/Cassette) here:

Watch the video for "Rise From The Dead" here:


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