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Tyranex - "Reasons for the Slaughter"!

Tyranex finally releases their long awaited fourth album "Reasons for the Slaughter", which is an intense thrash and speed metal attack, just as it should be.

Linnéa on the title track/video:

"Reasons for the Slaughter is a raw and fierce song where you can hear the range of what we take inspiration from. It's more dynamic than just a regular thrash song. The lyrics are about the risk of imposing your views on others and the bloody consequences that can result. For some people it has ended badly... We think this song reflects what Tyranex is in 2023 and that's why this title has been chosen for our album as well."

TYRANEX now consists of Linnea Landstedt (guitars and vocals), Will Tomao (guitars), Martin Petersson (bass) and Pontus Pettersson-Gull (drums).

"Reasons For The Slaughter" – Tracklist

1. Overture

2. Where Light Ceases to Exist

3. Rise from the Dead 4. Full Circle

5. Megalomania

6. Reasons for the Slaughter

7. Pyromaniac

8. Do or Die

9. Wipe Out



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