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Vredesblod - Debut Album

Vredesblod was formed in 2021 by Kjetil Lynghaug (Paganizer, Stass) with the ambition to create a sound that is original and different, yet still within the metal sphere.

The band was completed by Peter Svensson (Assassin's Blade, Void Moon) on bass, Magnus Hultman (Cult of the Fox) on vocals, and drummer Marcus Rosenkvist (Assassin's Blade, Anchorite).

The music features a mix of modern and old school heavy metal with a unique edge, containing strong melodies and tasteful solos.

One thing that separates Vredesblod from a lot of other bands is the fact that the vocals are in Swedish, particularly the southern dialect "skånska".

The album was recorded and produced by Vredesblod and mixed & mastered by Magnus Andersson in Endarker Studios.

A single & video, "Ruiner" ("Ruins"), is out on July 15 and the full album with the same title will be out on September 2.


1. Förlåt

2. Evighetens Storm

3. Ruiner

4. Det Kalla Stålets Löfte

5. Bränt Barn

6. Genom Döda Gudars Ögon

7. Där Inget Andas

8. Blodshämnd

9. Jägarens Blod

10. Vid Vägens Slut

11. Mörkret Sänker Sig Sakta


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