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Zombiekrig - New album announced!

"24222" is the first track available from Zombekrig's new full length album "Våld", (May 26) and is a thunderous warlike accusation against the madness of autocracy.

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Zombiekrig's pioneering use of Swedish lyrics, combined with fusing thrash metal, death metal and punk rock, merited unique recognition in Sweden following their first two album releases "Undantagstillstånd" (GMR Music) in 2010 and "Den Vänstra Stigens Ljus" (GMR Music) in 2012. After a five year hiatus, the band reappeared in 2018 to support the live album "Levande Efter Döden" (GMR Music) and after an involuntary second hiatus (aka the global pandemic), Zombiekrig officially returned in 2021 with the EP "Dödstecken" (GMR Music) and announced a new full length album. The current lineup consists of vocalist Axel Widén, drummer Manne Flood, guitarist Martin Meyerman, guitarist el Guapo and bassist Martin "Maskin" Petersson.


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