Limited Edition DIGIPACK CD

This album is by far the most energetic album with Man Machine Industry.  Another step away from the industrial sound that started it all, it brings the listener closer  to melodic thrash metal at no cost of the heaviness that is essential in the MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY sound. Melodic, aggressive, energetic, thrashy heavy metal! 
Also, this time Man Machine Industry's main man J Bergman has gotten a little help with the song melodies from Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse), whom you can also hear on some backing vocals.


1: At the sound of violence

2: Prince of lies

3: River turned red

4: By his hand

5: Age of the doomsday clock (feat Erik Mårtensson)

6: PS. Next time

7: Chosen to divide 

8: Judgmental ways

9: March of the dead

10: Sins of the fathers

Man Machine Industry - Doomsday Clock DIGIPACK CD


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