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Velvet Viper - Respice Finem  CD

Velvet Viper - Respice Finem CD



- The German band that carries the great stories and old myths into our present day. 

Zed Yago ex-singer Jutta Weinhold dominates and embodies like no other and together with guitarist Holger Marx, metal master producer Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) co-producer Uwe Seemann, the CD was created along with the guest musicians Michael Ehre on the drums and Uwe Seemann on the bass.  The lyrics deals with strong topics and high ideals that uphold the values ​​as well as the dignity of man and society.This is Heavy, its hard and its pure metal!


Check their video "Don't leave before wintertime" here



  •  Don’t Leave Before Wintertime
  • Shadow Ryche
  • Respice Finem
  • Fraternize With Rats
  • Eternally Onwards
  • Ogaydez
  • Dangerous
  • Raven Evermore
  • Stormy Birth
  • Law Of Rock
  • Loherangrin - Lohengrin

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