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Abstrakt Algebra Re-issue CD

Probably the finest 1990's example of progressive power/doom metal, this album has been lost in the sands of time until now.

The brainchild of Candlemass mastermind Leif Edling, would in any other era, taken the world by storm, but with the music press and radio obsessed with dross such as Nirvana and their Iikes it was near impossible to get coverage for an album even as strong as this debut. Leif had come up with a collection of songs that although had an undeniably link to his main band Candlemass, also gone in a more modern direction. Hard to classify and compare to other releases at the time, Abstrakt Algebra had a brilliant production and incredible riffs that were way ahead of it's time. Featuring Mats Levén on vocals as well as Leif himself on bass, the bands lineup was completed by guitarists Mike Wead (King Diamond) and Simon Johansson (Wolf) and drummer Jejo Perkovic.

This version includes 3 bonustracks and is remastered bt Patrick W. Engel


1. Stigmata

2. Shadowplay

3. Nameless

4. Abstrakt Algebra

5. Bitter Root

6. April Clouds

7. Vanishing Man

8. Who What Where When

9. Remulus And Romus (Studio outtake) BONUS TRACK

10. Nameless (Demo) BONUS TRACK

11. Shadowplay (Demo) BONUS TRACK

Pre-order it on digipack CD here


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