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Eschaton II Judgment day - Releases on all streaming sites October 6!

Man Machine Industry - Eschaton II - Judgment Day - October 6 On all streaming sites!

MMI is the solo project created by producer/songwriter/front man and multi-instrumentalist

J. Bergman who has a history as the drummer in SLAPDASH (Nuclear Blast rec) and

ROSICRUCIAN (Black Mark Prod).

MMI is back with the second part of the trilogy of EP/Mini-albums to be released back-to-back with only a year, or less, apart.

Following last years highly acclaimed "ESCHATON I. Reckoning Day", The second EP is titled "ESCHATON II. Judgment Day" and is released by GMR Music on CD and Vinyl.

As on previous albums, songwriter/multi instrumentalist/vocalist J. Bergman (J.B) have had some help from producer/songwriter Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE) in writing some vocal melodies, like for instance on the song "The Sniper". The album also features guest-vocalist David White from Heathen on the track "R.I.P".

Recorded, Mixed and Produced By J. Bergman

Mastered by Erik Mårtensson

Stream the album here:

Buy the CD/Vinyl here:


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