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We Welcome COBRA CULT to GMR Music!

We are super excited to announce that the Swedish band COBRA CULT will be part of GMR Music! The new album "Second Gear" will be released on March 5.

Combining the heaviness and honesty of The Misfits along with the melodies of Social Distortion, the vocals of L7 and The Distillers sums up the sound that is Cobra Cult. Straight forward, intense, and riff based hard rock influenced by punk and metal. Catchy harmonies and personal vocals that stand out to give the band a unique sound like nothing else out there. Power Play Magazine described Cobra Cult’s debut album (in 2018) as, “Just heads-down, uncomplicated, three-chord metal done right.”

The members of Cobra Cult have been around the Swedish music scene for many years performing in other bands and constellations. Each member has always had one foot in some form of rock-based music, spanning from death metal to stoner and rock´n´roll. Their variation in musical background, influences and experience makes the combination interesting and delivers a unique result.

Cobra Cult are:

Johanna Lindhult – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Thomas Jonsson – Bass, Backing Vocals

Carl Johan ”Sillen” Sillén – Drums

Anders Martinsgård – Guitar


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