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Steel Rhino - In Rhino We Trust

The Rhino Attack Continues with the brand new Steel Rhino album!

Album “In Rhino We trust” - Out on October 21st!

1. Stand up and shout

2. Strike Hard

3. Blades

4. We rise

5. Final Stand

6. In Rhino We Trust

7. Judgement day

8. Dr jekyll & Mr hyde

9. Time to be king

10. Ingnoring gravity

The brand new songs on "In Rhino we Trust" continue the identifiable Steel Rhino sound that served them so well and appealed to all people who love classic Hard Rock.

Founder of Steel Rhino Mikael Rosengren has this to say about the album:

" We could not leave the fans with just one album , so we continued the saga of Steel Rhino. I think this album is more raw and powerful. We have taken our arena rock sound to the next level and the songs have been maturing to become our best material to date"

Once again Jacob Hansen (Dynazty, Volbeat, Evergrey, Amaranthe etc) has been in charge of the mixing and mastering.

Steel Rhino Line-Up:

Mikael Rosengren - Drums

Herbie Langhans - Vocals

Filip Vilhelmsson - Guitar/Bass

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